Monday, October 16, 2006

Baby Brother

My brother Matt turns 27 today. Today, I count him as one of my best friends and most trusted advisers. It took 27 years for this to happen.

I remember -

The day he was born. My sister Carin and I stayed overnight at our grandfather's. My brother owns that house now. When the bus came, we bragged to everyone about him. I still brag to people all the time about him. He's a superstar in my book.

That he used to have a flat spot on the back of his head from slamming it into the high chair when he was angry. Why my parents had a wooden high chair with no padding I have no idea.

That his hair was almost blonde and he had freckles as a child and we called him "Mr. Matt." He is still sorta charming. Even if women think we are the same age!

Calming him as a child when he got night terrors. Not sure what he was upset about, but my kids get them too now and then, and I'm glad I learned early that all it takes is a few soothing words and a rub on the back.

Bringing him to Cabrini when he was about 9 or 10. He stayed over for Family Night or something like that. It's not true at all that he developed his taste for beer that weekend.

Taking him to his first Temple Football game at the Vet. He was also about 10. Mostly he wanted to see MC Hammer. No, Temple didn't win that day. No, they have not won since.

Realizing when he was in high school that he is a better writer than I am. Took a while to admit that one, but it's pretty clear today.

Moving him into Temple. You couldn't get a room on the SECOND floor?

Being incredibly jealous when he took a semester in Rome. It was SO much easier for him being the third kid. I can just imagine what Mom and Dad would have said if I had suggested that i was going to study abroad.

Enjoying the afternoon at the Duke-Temple game this past year. And all the beers and ball games along he way.

Seeing how much my children love him, I know one day he will be a good father. I think.

Matt, have a great day! You are a great guy and I wish you nothing but happiness as you creep toward 30. I hope you learn from my example, rather from my mistakes!

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