Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Classy vs. Classless


You may have missed this one in the mess that was sports this weekend. Golf legend Arnold Palmer retired.

The 77 year old Palmer withdrew from the Administaff Small Business Classic somewhere in Texas after playing only four holes. His back was killing him and he had hit a bunch of shots into the water. What was classy about it? Palmer kept playing, just didn't keep score. He realized that hundreds of people had come out to watch him, and he didn't want to disappoint them.

The guy gets it. I met him about 7 years ago at the Bell Atlantic Classic. He was funny, personable and engaging. And at the time, at 70, he could still corkscrew himself into that weird swing and lash a golf ball down the fairway. People have been watching the guy hit a little white ball for over 50 years. Part of me can't believe it won't happen again.


I hate to do this, but the comparison is just to stark not to make.

On the same weekend you had something as great as what I listed above you also had the most classless display I have ever seen in college football. As the Thugs of the University of Miami clashed with the Junior Thugs of Florida International University.

In case you have been under a rock for 4 days, here is the video:


The worst part is at the end, where after beating FIU players with helmets and crutches, the Felons in Orange gather and do a victory dance. Disgusting.

Larry Coker should walk his sorry butt over to Donna Shalala's office today and resign. But he won't, because this kind of behavior doesn't happen unless the coach condones it. He obviously does, so she should buy him out and end the season for these sorry excuses for scholarship athletes.

Among the other casualties of this brawl is Comcast's analyst and UM alum Lamar Thomas, who can be heard exulting on the clip above. Comcast did the right thing Monday and fired his ass.

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Matt said...

wow. i actually hadn't seen the whole clip. that's crazy.

lamar thomas is just an idiot. i hear espn just hired him to sit alongside michael irvin (also from the U).

still, i don't blame the coach... he couldn't have prevented that.

Chris said...

I've done a bit of the coaching thing. Not at the UM level, but some of the principles are the same. Your players's behavior always comes back to the tone you set.

Coker should be gone. He obviously has not cleaned up this prrogram or instituted the needed discipline.

Pat said...

More depressing -- Shalalalala la la la la said on ESPN she hasn't analyzed the tape yet.

When do they play Boston College so we can revive Catholics/Convicts?