Friday, October 13, 2006

Cory Lidle Flies Into Building - Immediately Canonized

On Wednesday, I briefly had a blog up on the rather odd end of Cory Lidle's planetary existence, but brought it down because I thought it might have read a bit harsh. I've toned down my comments a bit after reading and reflection.

My brother's blog post covers most of how I feel and he and I have talked about it a good bit. I owe him for the opportunity to vent!

I'll tell you that when I heard it was Lidle, I had 3 basic instincts:

A. I hope no one else go hurt.
B. So he's no good at flying a plane either.
C. Well that makes the trade look a LITTLE better.

Harsh, I know, but the guy has become something in death that the never was in life.

Here's what he was in life:

A. A #5 starting pitcher on most staffs
B. A guy who played for 8 teams in 9 years.
C. A guy who routinely blasted teammates then relied on buddies in the media to patch it up.
D. A scab.

Yeah I feel very bad for his 6 year old son and his wife and family. Losing a dad and a husband is a terrible thing, especially so unexpectedly.

What bothers me about all this though is that because of his minor celebrity status, the guy has been given a pass on all of his misdeeds and faults.

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Matt said...

nice, i was thinking that my post was the harshest i'd seen on the internet. not anymore!

Corey & Carson said...

Hey, Cory Lidle bashed the Phils on his way outta town, so having unfond memories of him is only natural.

Carnival said...

I don't think anyone is over-embellishing his on-field accomplishments, it's just a state of shock about a life tragically cut short. At every funeral you've been to, don't people usually limit comments to positive ones? Same goes for famous people. You don't hear "It's a shame Bill died, but he was shit for an accountant."

Ugh, that comment about the trade, that's low, buddy. A man died.

Chris said...

Yeah but we don't go to the funerals of people we dislikes. Thus it's pretty unusual to get funeral bashers.

We're all invited to the media funeral for Cory Lidel. Thus, there will be some bashing.

Walklett said...

I guess Cory Lidle CAN hit the broad side of a building.

Chris said...

Yeah - I am not so sure. maybe the instructor was flying.