Friday, October 13, 2006

Cory Lidle Flies Into Building - Immediately Canonized

On Wednesday, I briefly had a blog up on the rather odd end of Cory Lidle's planetary existence, but brought it down because I thought it might have read a bit harsh. I've toned down my comments a bit after reading and reflection. My brother's blog post covers most of how I feel and he and I have talked about it a good bit. I owe him for the opportunity to vent! I'll tell you that when I heard it was Lidle, I had 3 basic instincts: A. I hope no one else go hurt. B. So he's no good at flying a plane either. C. Well that makes the trade look a LITTLE better. Harsh, I know, but the guy has become something in death that the never was in life. Here's what he was in life: A. A #5 starting pitcher on most staffs B. A guy who played for 8 teams in 9 years. C. A guy who routinely blasted teammates then relied on buddies in the media to patch it up. D. A scab. Yeah I feel very bad for his 6 year old son and his wife and family. Losing a dad and a husband is a terrible thing, especially so unexpectedly. What bothers me about all this though is that because of his minor celebrity status, the guy has been given a pass on all of his misdeeds and faults. Have a great weekend, C
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