Sunday, October 01, 2006

Plan For a parade - Part Two

Who Do We Get? The obvious guy is Aramis Ramirez. An infield of Howard, Utley, Rollins and Ramirez would be the best in baseball and one of the best EVER. But he is a second level priority. This team needs more consistent starting pitching. They lost the wildcard because they couldnt count on the young guys in mid-season. Yeah, they faded at the end at the plate, but heck they scored more runs than any team in baseball. There were just days the starters did not perform at major league minimum levels. Primarily becasue they are minor leaguers. Dispelling Myths Will Barry Zito come East? Not unless you move the team to oh, let's say eastern San Diego and buy him a beach house and helicopter. Next Guy? Mark Mulder? No Frigging Way! Just once, I want a guy who has not had reconstructive shoulder work done. Brad Radke? Why is this guy still making big money? And another guy with shoulder trouble The Guy The guy I want is Jason Schmidt. Yeah making the move from San Francisco, one of the world's most beautiful places might take some convincing. Can we get Utley to take him to Finnegan's for a few beers and follow it up with a trip to one of the city's growing number of gentlemen's clubs? Yeah the Giants will want to keep him, but I think the Phils need to be aggressive here. This guy is going to get $9 million from somebody, lets make it us. The Rest of the List In order here are the guys you need to be calling, Pat. If you need a number or an agent name, call me. I'll handle it for you. But that's why you are paying Reuben Amaro, Jr., isn't it? or are you paying him to keep the 610 morning show team happy? Jeff Suppan - 190 IP, 4.12 ERA and on a PLAYOFF TEAM! Ted Lilly - 180 IP, 15 wins for a team in a rough division, 4.31 ERA. Enough said. Miguel Batista - 200+ IP, 4.58 ERA this guy is a horse, but give ups some hits. Adam Eaton - ERA is a bit high, but pitched well down the stretch Tony Armas, Jr. - won 9 games for a HORRIBLE team, getting close to the bottom of the list Woody Williams - only downside to this guy is that he's older than me. Playoff experience and a solid 3.65 ERA Too Old Greg Maddux and David Wells are great pitchers. Or at least they were. I know Maddux is only 40, but he had thrown about a million innings. The only way you can go after one of these guys is if you sign one of the above guys, but and still want to spend some money on a number 4 for a year. Neither will be around when my daughter is playing t-ball. Third Base

Aramis Ramirez is your guy. He can bat 5 behind Howard and this lineup will have opposing pitcher with brown stians on their pants and not from sliding. Recent rumors seems to point to him returning to the Cubs, So you will have to act fast and spend cash. The second tier here is a big drop off to guys like Tony Graffanino or Aubrey Huff. Aaron Rowand or Ryan Madson could bring you Adrian Beltre from Seattle as they seem ready to make some changes and have been unhappy with him.


As I noted yesterday, I think we are stuck with Burrell. You need a trade for a right fielder. What can Rowand and Mathieson get you? Trot Nixon is also a possibility. He's a tough guy and good in the clubhouse. The fans would love him. I also think you need a guy who can play a little first base to give Howard a break now and then. If the proposed Seattle firesale materializes, find out if Ichiro is available. He could play right or center and bat anywhere in the lineup. Of course everyone else will want him.


If you aren't bringing Leiberthal back, what is the plan? The A's have cooled on Daric Barton and he has had a few off-field issues, but umm, THE GUY CAN PLAY. He would be a young guy who could play a number of positions and could very well be the catcher of the next 5-10 years. You've got some flexibility here with here with Coste and Ruiz, so take a chance. Make a deal. the guy is in the minors, the A's are tough to work with, but that's why we are paying you.

The Bullpen

I think it's time to go with youth here. My space here is limited, but I think you need 2 arms. There are a million guys available out here, but even if you go with the youth, go back and get Rheal Cormier. The guy can still pitch and leftys in the bullpen are like gold. Whatever you do, don't lose Geary. Charlie

The guy lost us at least 4 games I can think of this year. There's your wildcard. Yeah the guys seemingly like playing for him, but they would prefer a parade. Make a change. Dusty Baker? Joe Girardi? I think you can do better, but both are available.


You need to make some moves, or this is another .500 team next year. Your fans will be in open revolt if you don't make some moves. Your players will follow. You've had success as a GM. We believe in you. Bring us the parade!!

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