Saturday, October 21, 2006

So this is What October Baseball Looks Like

Watching the World Series previews, I have to restrain myself from throwing things at the television. When I look at how simply average the St. Louis Cardinals are, I am forced to realize that had it not been for a game here or there, this was the Phils' year to get to the Fall Classic.

Let's face it, the Phillies didn't do what they needed to do to make it into the playoffs. But they were certainly hotter down the stretch than EITHER of the teams playing this w eekend. Two things doomed this Phillies team in 2006. April and Charlie Manuel. Conversely, April and the managers are why the Tigers and Cards are still playing and everyone else is playing golf. Except Cory Lidle of course.

The Cardinals are starting a guy in Game One who wouldn't even start for the Phillies and who had an ERA over 5! Their thirdbaseman hasn't driven a guy in since my birthday.

The Tigers staggered into the playoffs and have not played in a week. It's the old rest or rust question. Detroit was red-hot a week ago, but will the week off give the Cards an edge?

I would say yes if the opening games were in St. Louis. However, since the schedule starts
in Detroit's Comerica Park, I think that Detroit will be able to shake off the rust and prevail. It won't be as easy as everyone thinks though, as the Cards will take 2 at home and force the Tigers to come back to Detroit to pick up the trophy.

Random thoughts:

Valanni has the best food in the city right now. But Mercato isn't as good as the reviews.

Seems like the Birds will be more healthy this weekend, and they'll need it. 20-17 Birds.

I thought we had a major league hockey team in this town. This is a trainwreck. Can Clarke survive?

YouTube is history.

Have a good weekend!

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Matt said...

yesterday, i almost commented that clarke isn't on the hot seat, and that hitch would get this team turned around. this morning, it will be announced that both are done in Philly...

Chris said...

Yeah - When I heard yesterday Don Tollefson of all people saying Clarke and Hitch must go, I knew the end must be near!


Walklett said...

Nice prediction on the Birds' game Swammi. Bet you didn't forsee a 62 yard field goal in the final seconds sealing the game for the Bucs. When did we sign Ronde Barber. He and McNabb have good chemistry.