Thursday, November 09, 2006


Gooden Released From Jail

In case you were still keeping track of the four time Cy Young Award winner, Dwight Gooden was released from prison today.

And here I thought he was dead.

Remember that Gooden had to serve this jail sentence after repeatedly violating his parole on drug and drunk driving charges. He took a 1 year jail term rather than a probation, which had he violated it would have reverted to 5 years in the pokey. Even he didn’t think he was enough of a stand-up guy to do it.

Sixers Lose Second

Ok. Even I will admit I thought that they had a chance to be better after the first 3 games, but perhaps the planets are lined up against them. The Raptors’ CENTER Chris Bosh launched a bomb that effectively killed any chance the 76ers had of topping the Raptors last night. Gotta wonder what else the 76ers could have done to win this game. They were darn near perfect then this guy launches one from about 40 feet and the feeling is suddenly a whole lot worse about the hoops team in Philly.

The Voters Come Through

After several years of collective insanity, the voters of Pennsylvania regained their senses Tuesday and sent Rick Santorum home to play with his kids and have sex in the missionary position with his wife, Karen Garver Santorum. People love to say not nice things about this guy. I am restraining myself not to kick the guy when he is down. Good job Pennsylvania!


Susan Pesotski said...

That is some article you reference! Even I hadn't heard all of that. What has amazed me the last few weeks is that the usually smart Howard Fineman of Newsweek, speaking on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, has played S up for hiring welfare moms and other "liberal" stuff. He was disappointed that S lost!

Where were you on the Menendez/Kean race? Gotten over your romance with aristocratic NJ Republicans?

Love, Mom

Chris said...

Well, I don't think there was a good choice to make on the Menendez/Kean race. Menendez is a crook, but that's old news in NJ. Tom Kean, Sr. would have been a good nominee, but his son isn't ready yet.

Control of the Senante was too important to not vote for Menendez. Supreme Court Justices, control of the conference committee, bill scheduling trump the Menendez sleaze factor.