Friday, November 10, 2006

Stuff For Friday

Flyers Sorry Matt, this is going to be a long season for the men on skates. It's all been said before, but after last night's 3-1 loss to the Islanders was pretty ugly. As is noted in Tim Panaccio's article today, the Fly Guys were booed on their home ice as it became apparent that they are basically unable to play major league hockey. Eagles Ok we have been talking about the last loss for 2 weeks now. It's time to see if these guys are made of anything. Yeah I know it's a tough run through the last half of the schedule, but this is going to be a brutal town if the Eagles aren't in this thing. At least we know they can't find any more painful way to lose than this. Rutgers I feel really good for these guys. But the win last night over #3 Louisville basically cements my position that the Big East is a sham this year. Are these guys BCS contenders? Give me a break! Did anyone catch Erin Andrews on the sideline of the game last night? She ain't Suzy Kolber, but she ain't bad either! Winter Beer Great article in the Inquirer yesterday signalling the opening of the winter beer season. They mention one of my local favorites, the Troegs Mad Elf. If you want to have the best in the nation, you will have to call Matt at The Beer Yard soon. It always sells out. The Wheels Are Starting to Come Off First Bush fires Don Rumsfeld, apparently after misleading reporters about whether Rumsfeld would serve out the second term. Then Bill Mahr outs RNC National Chair Ken Mehlman on CNN's Larry King. (Holy Shit Batman! There ARE gay Republicans!!!). Now Lincoln Chafee (Lame Duck R-RI) has said that he intends to block John Bolton's permanent appointment as US Ambassador to the UN. What's next? Laura Bush shooting Dick Cheney? Weekend Plans Finally, I just want to say how much I am looking forward to the weekend! A quiet night this evening. Packing for Phoenix tomorrow. The UArts 130th Anniversary Gala tomorrow night. A room at the Ritz Carlton. Then off to Phoenix for the AACRAO SEM Conference! Should be a great weekend and a fun week! See you all on the other side.

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