Sunday, December 31, 2006

As If We Needed More Proof

The People who Govern Us Are Morons While describing himself as a 'loyal Democrat,' Pennsylvania Rep. Thomas Caltagirone of Reading has decided to abandon his party and the people of the Commonwealth and vote with the Republican minority to re-elect Republican John Perzel as the PA Speaker of the House next month.'s Mario Cattabiani files this dispatch from the sate Capitol. It's really no surprise. Only the Iraqi Parliament is less organized than Pennsylvania Democrats. Perzel has been hinting to the media for weeks that he had some Dems willing to vote with him. Luckily, according to The Fly Under the Dome, Perzel's efforts to retain the post he has held since 2003 will fall short as severl incoming Republicans plan to vote 'present' in the leadership election. Caltagirone doesn't get it. The people of Pennsylvania clearly were looking for a change in the House. Why in the world would he side with the losers and want to re-elect the Northeast Philly guy? My guess is that Perzel offered him a deal. Too bad Perzel won't be in a position to make good since his own party is ready to move him aside. Which seems fitting since under his leadership the Republicans lost a near-insurmountable majority. Some other good blogs on the subject are dragonaballyee (also a great photographer), and Dan U-A.

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