Thursday, December 21, 2006

Chris Was Right!!!


As I noted in yesterday's post, in a shocking turn of events, POLITICS and MONEY played a role in the selection of casino sites in Philadelphia and the rest of Pennsylvania. Sandra Shea does a nice job in her column today noting all of the connections the winners have with the power elite in Pennsylvania politics.

Typical Complaining

In her usual 'Oh everything about change in Philadelphia is terrible' tone, in her column today, Inga Saffron makes the same points she has been making for two years about the casino projects. I don't disagree with her points at all. The projects are too close to the neighborhoods. Traffic is going to be a mess. Casinos are inherently giant, ugly box structures and need a lot of jazzing up to contribute to the street scape. But they have to go somewhere.

The Delaware is the logical place for these buildings, but these designs are the most boring of group. Saffron notes that they have fewer amenities, especially for families. I am not sure that anyone really expects these slots parlors to be family destinations, but there is still time to make the architecture more interesting and incorporate it into the Penn Praxis planning study.

Just Checked - The Sixers Still suck

Down four players, (Joe Smith and Andre Miller stuck in the snow Chris Webber taking December off and Steven Hunter injured), the Sixers staggered through another ugly loss to the Pacers last night. Not much more to say here. Enrico has the links to AI's final philly-oriented interview with Stephen A.

Hoffman Fantasizes

Rich Hoffman, usually a good columnist, actually writes a column today discussing the possibility of Larry Brown returning to coach the 76ers.

While it's true that Larry Brown and Billy King are still close and that King and Brown talked a lot in the recent weeks about what kind of deal could be done to move Iverson, I don't think that helps bring Brown back. While his relationship with "Mr. Snider" isn't as bad as it is with Knicks owner James Dolan, Mr. Ed ain't hiring Brown again.

This story has some legs, as the AP story here shows. My guess is that local AP flacks are making a bit more of this than there is. Brown doesn't like working with younger players and this team will be REALLY young next year with 3 or 4 rookies on the team plus the young guys back from this squad. I think Coach Brown is a basketball genius, but the time to bring him back is past. He was the right choice over Mo Cheeks and Billy King couldn't get that deal past Mr. Snider, so why would you bring him back to this circus?

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