Saturday, December 30, 2006

Comcast Sucks

As of this morning, much of the Internet is inaccessible to Comcast users in the Philadelphia region.

This post on shows the extent of the 'issue.' It seems to be a problem in the local DNS servers that direct traffic to the proper places when you type in an address in your web browser.

I called tech support. They have 'escalated the issue,' but have no idea what a DNS server is. Who knows is they can find their ass with both hands and a flashlight.


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Chrisie said...

Oh, you poor baby! Sometimes I lose service three times a day (albeit something is clearly wrong with my computer or my wireless router, but still)!

Monks said...

I had to be a conspiracy theorist here, but if they don't know what DNS is, how the fu#$ are they going to divy out the bandwidth if we loose Net Neutrality?

Daph said...

I agree- Comcast does suck. If your Comcast’s not working for you (which apparently it isn't), you should try this great new email provider that my friend just got me hooked on. It's called BigString (, the new free webmail program. It offers revolutionary features. When you send mail from your BigString free email account, you are protected. BigString is like an automatic shredder for your email. You can self-destruct or change an email that's already been sent or read. Don't leave your messages sitting in peoples' inbox forever.
Try it! Enjoy :)

Chris said...

Interesting concept, but the site says nothing about whether the email remains on the server at the recipient's email provider. It also doesntt help if the recipient saved the email.