Friday, December 01, 2006

Leaving Las Vegas

Sitting here in McCarran International Airport, enjoying free wireless while waiting on yet another delayed USAirways flight, I guess it's time to update the world on where I have been for the week. Las Vegas is an interesting place, but I have to say I am glad to be headed out of this rather odd place. I stayed at the Paris, a French-themed hotel-casino on The Strip. It wasn't anything really special, a huge room with lots of people playing slots, a couple of bars, a shoppoing area proporting to be France-like and of course a half-sized Eiffel Tower out front. The food was pretty good, the rooms were basic, the bathrooms were very nice as was the health club. But people can smoke everywhere, there is no natural light and it's just too frigging weird to have faux-French everywhere 24/7. Plus, there are something like 54 major construction projects along the Strip right now and there is dust everywhere. My eyes are killing me. The conference was pretty structured, but I did bag a few sessions I had seen before and took the Payless Car Rental PT Cruiser out of the lights and noise of the city to get to Hoover Dam and the Mojave National Preserve. My Flickr site has all the pictures that are worth showing. My camera is a piece of junk and I really need to replace it, but I did the best I could to give some sense of the scale of the landscape out here. If you have never been West, there is no real way to explain just how HUGE things are in this area. People routinely drive 90 miles an hour on the highway because there is just so much distance to cover. Just for the record the PT Cruiser does NOT go 90 miles an hour. No matter how hard you try. Phillies Adam Eaton is a good signing, but no better than a #4 pitcher in all liklihood. They didn't sign a #1 pitcher, they didn't sign an everyday thirdbaseman, they have not improved the outfield or catching situations. Where are they going to spend the Abreau savings? The bullpen? I am going to be monumentally pissed off if they sit on the cash. Gasoline It's cheap back home, folks. I paid $2.95 a gallon yesterday in Davis, California and $2.49 a gallon today on The Strip. Looks like it's about $2.19 back home. And for this 2886 Americans have died in Iraq. Have a great Weekend! C

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Corey & Carson said...

Eaton was a good signing, becaus he allows the Phils to now trade Lieber.