Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Herd of Donkeys

At some point the Democrats will figure out that they need to get their act together, right? I mean how can they hope to elect a president from this list of dreck?

EVAN BAYH — Who? Even he knows he is unknown. Bayh withdrew his name in December. Darn.

JOE BIDEN — Still a plagiarist in my book. I think he also takes double doses of Propecia.

WESLEY CLARK — The modern day Mario Cuomo isn't sure if he wants to run. Would have to give up lucrative network news consulting job.

HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON — I just don't think America wants a snarky woman whose husband likes fat interns as the president.

CHRISTOPHER DODD -- Most recent to announce. From his website: "Chris Dodd believes that the best social program is a good job." With positions like that, how could you THINK about voting for someone else?

JOHN EDWARDS — I can't think of anyone as boring. Except maybe Evan Bayh.

AL GORE -- Too busy re-inventing the internet. Actually has gotten the most votes in a presidential election once. Maybe 08 is his year?

DENNIS KUCINICH -- His campaign seems as lost as Jimmy Hoffa. MS NBC forgot he is running.

JOHN KERRY — I’m still trying to figure out how this guy lost in 2004. Oh yeah. I remember. He was a terrible campaigner. Inexplicably made the Vietnam War the central issue of the campaign.

BARACK OBAMA -- Yeah, blue dog democrats are going to voter for this guy. Even a sports reporter thinks he is a lightweight.

BILL RICHARDSON — Smart guy. Good campaigner. How is a New Mexico guy going to play in Iowa and New Hampshire? Too few favorite son electoral votes.

AL SHARPTON – I guess he thinks everyone forgot about his tax evasion conviction and the fact that he is ridiculous liar.

TOM VILSACK -- Dodges the Iraq Issue with "America's real war on terror is fighting poverty and ignorance." Great. How about the 3000 dead soldiers? How are you going to dodge that issue?

MARK WARNER — The former Virginia governor said he is out of the running. Maybe it's a ploy. The rest of these guys (and Hillary) are pretty bad.

In all seriousness, this website is an excellent resource to compare and contrast the candidates and their positions. About the best out there so far and they also profile the Republicans.

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Anonymous said...

I like John Edwards and don't think he is a bit boring. Richardson is also good. I don't think Hillary could win because too many people think like you do about her.

Love, Mom

Chris said...

The one positive thing i can say about Edwards is that he has said that he would cut funding off for troop increases in Iraq. Of course that is an easy thing to say when you knowyou won't actaully have to make that vote and face the wrath of your chicke$#it party leaders.

I like Richardson a good bit, just worried about how he would stack up against McCain.