Tuesday, January 16, 2007

As If Lawyers Needed More Bad Press

Scumbags in the Criminal Justice Center Some scumbag lawyer (note - I don't hate all lawyers, so these words are seperate in my mind) was ALLEGEDLY caught naked in a meeting room with a 14 year old on Monday. Wait. It gets worse. She was apparently in a 'family relationship' with the guy, Larry Charles, 49. And it was on the third floor of the friggin' Criminal Justice Center. This article does not say if the victim was a criminal defendant, probably because she is a juvenile. This website notes that rapper ODB had an attorney named Larry Charles. Can't possibly be the same guy, right? It's GOT to be different from lawyer Larry Charles, 49. And yes, the rule applies that when you see your name in the paper followed by a comma and your age, it ain't a good article for you. It should be noted that ODB has had LOTS of lawyers. But only one named Larry Charles. Can someone explain to me what kind of a zoo they are running at 1301 Flibert Street? lawyers naked with kids? This ain't Thailand, gang! Heads better roll over this.

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