Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Big Dog Back in HIS House

John Dzik made his triumphant return Saturday to the Nerney Field House in the Dixon Sports and Recreation Center on the beautiful campus of Cabrini College. Dozens of Dzik’s former players packed the house as the annual Alumni Basketball Game returned to Cabrini after a one year exile to visit our friends at Eastern College.

Coach Keeley’s squad was up big at halftime and survived a late run by Coach Kelly’s squad to hang on for the victory. Notes on the game are that no one had a heart attack, Johnny Drummond can still play and Kris Pittman can still handle. Tommy Newnam, though, needed oxygen after about 2 minutes. Photos are up on my Flickr site. And at Kelly Gallagher’s site.

Following the game, the current squad of Cavs, led by former Allentown player Matt Maccocia, continued their winless PAC campaign, falling to 1-14 on the year. On the bright side, they played furiously in the second half and lost by only one to Neumann 74-73.

It was good to be back in the building where we won so many games over the years. Try as I might though, I was still unable to put the pointless firing of a man who won 487 games behind me. He deserved better then and the program deserves better than 1-14 now.

Special thanks on putting the day together go to Coach John Mack, SID Extraordinaire Rich Shepis, “Schmoo” Steve Harrow and Cabrini’s Director of Basketball Operations and Former Dzik Player, Billy Leahy.

The afterparty at J.D. McGillicuddy’s in Ardmore with Cabrini soccer great Bill DiRita behind the bar was a wonderful chance to enjoy each other’s company. Nearly 200 turned out for what has become a great tradition of fellowship.

As cavsalumni.com notes, one of our all-time greats, Marty Clancy, was unable to join us, as he passed away in December. I was with Coach Dzik in Georgia the day after he learned of Marty’s passing. I can tell you that there have not been many times I saw him as reflective and saddened as he was then. Marty was a great guy and would give you the shirt off his back. He will be missed.

I’ll never forgive Toni Iadarola and crew for what she did to these people, this program and the future of Cabrini Athletics. At least that night we all got to remember how good it used to be and forget about the travesty of the present.

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Coach Dzik said...

I wanted to thank all the players a
and other friends who attended the alumni game and party on Saturday.
It is always a thrill to see ex-players, their families and my many
friends. Special thanks to John Mack, Rich Schepis, Steve Harrow and Bill Leahy for having the conviction to keep our alumni group
together. Your efforts have made many people happy.
Hopefully, word will travel about how much fun it is to stay connected with one another. If we can continue to keep the tradition of Cabrini basketball alive, others will be compelled to follow.
Susie and I hope you all will continue to be well and we look forward to the time when we can share each others company again.
Until then...
Hard, Smart, Together...CAVS!

Coach Dzik

John Mack said...

Thanks to all for coming out to the alumni game and after-party-- it was awesome to see people that I have not seen in some time--seeing all of you enjoy the day is why we keep our group together. I'd also like to thank Coach and Susie Dzik for coming up from Georgia, and also for helping to create the tradition that is Cabrini Basketball. Please, everyone, check out the site cavsalumni.com for updates on the 'Summer' event which will be the long-awaited picnic. We will post a date out there very soon.

Bob Awawa said...

This blog must be thrilled at the news of the coaching change at Cabrini.

Chris said...

We were very pleased to see Maccocia tossed out. We will reserve judgement on Coach Herenda until we actually see him coach, but he has our full support.