Friday, January 26, 2007

Footballers Make Headlines

And sometimes they aren't good. Today reported that the US Government has tapes implicating New Orleans Saints running back and former Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush in a scandal that could cost him the Heisman and USC the 2004 and 2005 National Championships. Yahoo! Sports has been reporting on the illegal gifts and contact with agents since last year. Seth's take on the whole Michael Vick "was it or wasn't it pot in the bottle" scandal is funny. Falcon's record 4-20? Hilarious!!! On a smaller scale, I reported the following story on today:
Guilford players charged with assault
Local and national media reports indicate that a total of five Guilford College football players have been charged with ethnic intimidation and assault relating to a fight at the school. In the altercation early on the morning of Jan. 20, Jonathan Underwood, 20, Jazz Favors, Michael Bates, 19, Mike Six, 20, and Chris Barnette, 21 are alleged to have beaten and kicked two Palestinian students and one of their friends. The alleged victims stated in court documents that they were called 'terrorists' and taunted with racial slurs. The Greensboro, N.C., Police Department issued a statement today stating that the case has been referred to the Greensboro Metropolitan Criminal Investigation Division and has been assigned to a detective. The charges weren't requested by Greensboro police but instead stem from statements the victims made to a magistrate, who issued the warrants. Officials at the Guilford County magistrate's office have declined to discuss details of the case with the media. On Thursday, Guilford officials said they charged five students with violating the school's code of conduct in connection with the assault. Aaron Fetrow, the college's dean for campus life, said he could not identify those students because of federal privacy laws. Seth Cohen, a lawyer representing the three alleged victims, confirmed to the Greensboro News-Record that the two who attend Guilford have been charged by the school. The brawl, which court documents report up to 15 football players were involved in, has led to an on-campus student walkout, a vigil and a forum on the campus of Guilford, a Quaker school in western Greensboro. A statement today by Brendan Keene, president of the Guilford alumni association called the incident "isolated" and noted that "At least some of the participants were under the influence of alcohol." Guilford football coach Kevin Kiesel declined to discuss details of the case with the media but asked that students and faculty not make any premature judgments. Barnette, a senior wide receiver, is a 2006 First Team All-American. He was also the offensive player of the year in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference. Mike Six is a starter on the defensive line and led the team in tackles for loss, while Bates and Favors are reserves and saw limited action.
Bush is a greedy jerk whose actions might cost his teammates their championships. Vick may be explaining why he simply can't read a defense. The five Guilford players are, in my opinion, the worst of the lot and simply not worthy of wearing a uniform. Except perhaps a prison uniform. Enjoy the weekend. C


Anonymous said...

Uh...and how is it you know that these five players are the "worst of the lot?" And, the "lot" of what?

Have you seen the photos of the belt buckle stigmata on the back of Mike Six? And the knife wound in his arm? Injuries he suffered from the hands of one of the Palestinian students?

Have you seen the campus security video that showed the Palestinians started it? Have you read the info on one of the Arabs that was suspended from Guilford last spring and is known to be an instigator of trouble with racist and anti-American comments?

Did you check into why the Arab students went to an ACLU attorney and refused to meet with the police and still have not met with police? Have you wondered why a magistrate was sought to issue arrest warrents on the word of the Arab students with NO police investigation and NO police involvement?

Did you know that the five players attempted to file charges of assault against the three Arab students and were refused by the police who had NO involvement in the charges filed by the Arabs?

Did you know that two of these five players are black? Just what "ethnic intimidation" charge applies to a black when it's a Palestinian doing the accusing?

Uh...I didn't think so. Just like the Duke case, isn't it? Filled with a nice juicy social agenda for ya, huh? I recommend a bit of caution lest you end up like Slate did....having to eat a bit of crow...or maybe a piece of YOU...vulture.


Unknown said...

Hey Coward -

Yes. I know most of these things. And I also know you are hiding behind an anonymous post that is filled with a great deal of misdirection and obfuscation.

Would Six have been injured if he had not been in the situation? What does last spring's suspension of s student who was not even involved or present at the brawl have to do with anything?

Did you think that perhaps they went to the ACLU because they can't afford persoanl attorneys? I am told by lawyers in North Carolina that is is not at all uncommon for magistrates to issue warrents in cases without involving the police. This happens quite frequently in cases where the police have refused to file charges. Like this one.

And yes, I know some of the players were black. So what? Only white people can ethnically intimidate people? That is insane.

What it looks like happened here - and I was not there, but have seen it a hundred other times - is that the cops broke up a fight and they wanted it all to go away. They dispresed the crowd, decided no harm no foul and walked away.

But there WAS harm and a foul. So the magistrate stepped in and now the college has as well. Rightfully so.

Walklett said...

Jazz Favors might be the coolest name i've heard in a while.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, "anonymous," you're right. They should have just taken their beating and not bothered to fight back. Perhaps the bruise was ... what's that word ... self-defense?

I've seen news reports only of the belt buckle bruise, no knife wound.

Sixth player charged today. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Heh, I find this amusing.

Your search - Guilford football security video - did not match any documents.


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