Sunday, January 21, 2007

Its All About ME!

Me Me MEEEEEEEEEEEE! On the front page of the Courier Post today! At least my name was on the front page. The story and link to this blog and a photo of me are all on page 5.

While I rarely buy a physical copy of the paper these days, I did run out and get a copy of this one. I talked to the reporter last week and was honestly kind of surprised to be recognized for the blog. I am not delusional. I'm not doing anything special here. I write when I want to about what I want to. Nobody is going to drop by and hand me a Pulitzer.

It's still nice to be noticed! Kevin Riordan is the reporter who did the story. He profiled Jay Lassiter, who does his blog from his Cherry Hill home, and Lou Antosh out of Cinnaminson. Lassiter is somewhat to the left of me politically and Antosh is a good bit right of me. The three blogs are an interesting study in contrasts. Lassiter's is by far the most voluminous. Antosh's is the best written. Mine is, well as Riordan put it, "Ecletic."

Worse things have been said about me!

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Chrisie said...

Bravo for being noticed!!

Kilroy Was Here said...

Congratulation on getting notice by the Delaware News Journal.

Walklett said...

You've hit the bigtime! I hear Town Talk is interested in doing a piece.
Seriously though, that's pretty cool.

jay lassiter said...

I think Riordan meant eclectic in the literal sense. let's face it, this site has it all: sports, family stuff, politics all that good stuff.

did that story get you a ton of hits or what?