Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Great Place to Hang out

While no one is ever going to sing "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" Or shout "Norm" when you walk into the place, Valanni is a great spot right in the heart of Center City. With an interesting cast of characters, Valanni attracts both regulars and one-time visitors.

Some come for the well-prepared and interesting food that Chef Evan and staff bring out of the tiny kitchen in the back. There are seasonal changes to the menu, and the lamb shank currently on the cold weather menu is among the best meals you can have in the city.

Others come for the fun and the friends around the bar. whether you prefer the big, shaved headed grumblings of Lorenzio (straight), or the rail thin, wavy haired drama of Henry (definitely NOT straight), the bar is a fun place to get very well-made drinks. $4 weekday happy hour menu and cocktails brings me in along with an ever-changing cast of people from all walks of life.

While I can't say I have experienced it personally, I am sure that Jennifer (happy birthday!!) and her Kinky Quizzo Tuesday nights is a sight to see.

It's a cool place to spend and evening or two. I've never brought someone there who didn't agree that the food was outstanding and that it was a fun place to be.



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