Friday, February 23, 2007

Just a Couple of Things

Friggin Morons

Many people think that the selection system for the D1 NCAA Men's basketball tournament leaves a bit to be desired.

It's nothing compared to the D3 system, where 59 teams make the show. (Yeah. That's a prime number!) Kinda hard to do a bracket, no? you can get selected from Pool A (Automatic Qualifers), Pool B (Independents and teams from terrible conferences) or Pool C (Good teams that didn't with their conference).

Where does 59 come from? The NCAA uses an "Access Ratio" the states that for every 6.85 teams playing men's basketball in D3, 1 team makes it to the show. Sound crazy? Not as crazy as giving 5 teams first round byes and having a wholly seperate access ratio for Indpendents and other bad teams. The D1 tournament ratio is almost 3 times as generous than D3.

But wait - it gets worse. The NCAA this week issued a revision to the formula. It noted that there had been a mistake made when they origianlly wrote the campionship manual and that there were now revising the formula, less than a week before Selection Sunday.

How embarrassing is that?

Jill Porter Can't Write

In reading my morning dose of news, it struck me that it must be hard to write a column when you have essentially nothing to say. It's even worse when you get all confused and what comes out is a mess.

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Steven Novak said...

I just can't get into college sports of any kind...I've tried, and failed. ;)