Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Neighbors Behaving Badly

My Neighbor is Running for Mayor

Just not the mayor of the town we live in. As you may have heard, T. Milton Street thinks he should be the next mayor of Philadelphia. No matter that he lives here in Moorestown, over on New Albany Road. No matter that he is under federal idictment for tax evasion. No matter that he can't name the neighborhood he claims to live in in Philadelphia. No matter that he got busted on traffic warrants this week at The Sev. No matter than he owes people more money than I do. No matter that even a judge says he doesn't live in Philly.

He says he won't run if he can't get 5000 people to come to a rally for him on march 1. I haven't seen 5000 people in Philly rally about anything since 1980. He called Michael Nutter a 'watermelon man.' I have no idea what that means, but I suspect a white guy calling Michael Nutter that would end up in front of the Human Relations Commission.

I have some experience dealing with crazy people. This guy shows all the signs of being a total nut job. He even LOOKS crazy!

Current Mayor Has Issues With 'Quakers'

Moorestown Friends bought a vacant building and a commercial building in downtown Moorestown last month. The mayor, Kevin Aberant, is now worried about the "Quakers" diminishing the town's tax revenue. I think he has a problem with the "Quakers." Why wouldn't he call the school by its name? He's lucky them Quakers are pacifists. If he ran around pissing off the Catholics, they might kick his ass.

Personally, I think both sides in this article are full of it. First, the building has been empty for years. If someone was going to develop it and create a better tax ratable, it would have happened. Second, MFS throws out the line that they save the taxpayers $2 million by educating 200 Moorestown children. That's crap too. If Muffy and Biff weren't at Moorestown Friends, they would be at The Hun School or Princeton Day or Friends Select.

Yeah, I'd prefer to see the downtown have some more going on, but arguing about the deal after its done is just silly.

Have a good day!


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Scott said...

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Scott said...

When I was listening to the barsky show the were saying watermelon man was in reference to this 1970's movie.

St Jude said...

Oh sweetie, he sounds perfect!!! ;0}

Matt said...

yeah i think that's what it refers to.

there's also a great Herbie Hancock Headhunters song called Watermelon Man. i guess there's some connection there, but i never even knew about the movie til this Michael Nutter thing.

Cavalier92 said...

I like Michael Nutter and all, but there is no way he is cool enough to be listening to Herbie Hancock.

Christina_the_wench said...

Wow. Has the loony bin been notified? Strait jacket prepared?