Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Old News

Cabrini Basketball Gets Better

Cabrini took the first step in righting some of the wrongs in its basketball program on Friday when Leslie Danehy fired Matt Maccoccia. In just two years, Maccoccia took a playoff team to the depths of failure, losing 20 games this year. What's worse is that he chased players away, badmouthed his legendary predecessor and was clueless on the bench.

Now Danehy needs to do the right thing and re-establish the program's links with its glory days. Joe Kelly is sitting in Sharon Hill waiting for the call. He was on John Dzik's bench for 25 years and has a staff ready to go. It's recruiting season and there is no time to waste. Do the right thing and hire the Chief, Leslie!

Michael Irvin Cut

The only thing I have to say is what the hell took so long? The guy is first and foremost a moron. Second, despite being a Hall of Famer, his own co-hosts think he's 'retarded.' Third, he's a stone cold racist.

About time ESPN showed him the door.

Britney Spears

Ugh. What a trainwreck. I'll admit I thought she was hot in a nasty kind of way. But she has apparently lost her mind. Kissing Madonna on the mouth? Hanging out with Paris Hilton? Forgetting underwear with the paparazzi hounding her? Shaving her head bald? It's not like she can actually sing, a la Sinead O'Connor. Doesn't look like the one day in detox worked.

And yeah. I'm over her.

The Greatest Daytona Ever?

For the casual NASCAR fan, the 49th running of the Great American Race had it all. Kelly Clarkson in a backless black dress. Clueless Nic Cage in a giant black hat showing that he is incapable of saying "Gentlemen start your engines" without over-acting. Jeff Gordon's girlfriend is HOT, but causing him gray hair. Big name drivers making bonehead mistakes and then charging back up through the field only to make more bonehead mistakes. A 505 mile race decided by 4 feet. And finally a car finishing by sliding across the finish line on its roof, ON FIRE and then flipping back over so the guy could step out of the car like nothing happened.

For the more serious fan, the harder tires made for some interesting moments. The larger fuel cells did reduce the pitting sequences, which led last year's restrictor plate races to seem to be more about servicing the cars than racing them. Toyota was a bust, with Dale Jarrett the best finisher at a measly 23rd. Mark Martin failing to win another 500 when Harvick charged around him on the outside eliminated the feel-good story of the day. 500 pole sitter David Gilliland was better than expected, but still committed a devasting mental error by causing a pit road incident. Juan Pablo Montoya was lost amid the messiness of the afternoon, but performed well once he figured out that all he had to do was hold the accelator down and steer.

Phils Tix

Matt and I have our Opening Day seats. Do you?

Have a good one,


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furiousBall said...

Irvin was the most unlistenable broadcaster since Magic Johnson - I agree.

Enrico said...

I got shut out today. Doh.

Matt P said...

good looking out on the seats. E, i'll handle the "drunk at the game" post if you don't get anything before then.