Saturday, February 24, 2007

Some Changes Coming ... And Idol

I wanted to let you know that a few things may look goofy around here for a bit. I recently bought a few domain names and will be exploring some options to make the blog look a bit better and give it some more reach. I'd also like to make posting a bit easier for me.

I will probably move off the Blogger platform, though I am not sold on that yet. I bought 2 domains from that I plan to move to, and

I've used cavalier92 for about 10 years as a AIM screen name and it's pretty much my online identity at this point. Anotherdelcoguy is a good handle that seems to resonate with some folks, so I think I'll move that one forward as well.

I'm looking for advice on different blog platforms, hosting arrangements and design software. I know nothing about any of that stuff, so anything you can contribute will be much appreciated. I'm also toying with an upgrade to Vista if the pocketbook holds out this month. If you have any upgrade experiences to relate, post them up!

American Idol

Ok - I have to admit that I don't watch, but I was pulling for UArts student Nicole Tranquillo (pictured right). Nicole got voted off in week one of fan voting this week. (Guess I should have voted.)

So I was planning to throw my support to Jersey Girl Antonella Barba. Turns out she may be in some trouble too, as some almost-naked pictures of her have surfaced. The Fox folks don't usually like that kind of thing, so she is probably done as well. Until Playboy calls.

Have a great weekend!


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Matt P said...

now, i'm biased, as you know. but an IT guy that comes to our office suggested yesterday that no one upgrade to Vista for a while, to let them get the bugs out.

so, in about 4 years, you can upgrade. or you can get a Mac now.

Hillary said...

get the MAC dude! LOL - we are a MAC house now. . .and hubby is an IT guy.

most of my scrapbook friends (STOP laughing) use Typepad for their blogs. . .I use blogger because I wasn't sure id' keep up with or like it or any of that stuff. . .now i'm thinking i need a paid for, hyped-up spot to blog!

talk to you soon -

Cavalier92 said...

Hey gang - I didn't say i wanted to spend $2000 for new hardware and software. I also want to be able to actually play games with John. The Mac wont help me with that!

tkkerouac said...

You kindof look like James Bond in that tux.