Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Thoughts

The SuperBowl XLI Stunk

I was bored out of my mind. Rexman at QB? Maybe the Eagles want to trade #5 to the Bears. And if they can play in a downpour, how come they can't play the game in cold weather?

The Commercials

They stunk too for the most part.

I kept a log, and the Budweiser ones were the best as a group, but did not do much more than make me smile. I personally liked the "Rock-Paper-Scissors" one.

CBS filled TONS of time with promos for their own lame shows. The best of the night was Letterman and Oprah on the sofa snuggling. Hilarious!

Also funny was the Blockbuster spot with the guinea pigs messing with the mouse trying to get on the internet. The women at work seemed to like this one the best.

I didn't get the Jim Gaffigan spots for Sierra Mist. And what the HELL was doing with a Superbowl ad?

Guys in The Booth
Best line of the night came from Phil Simms. Upon seeing David Spade and friends sitting in the rain he deadpanned "If the show was a hit already they would be in a box." Nantz was great as always.

Billy Joel was umm how to put this as a Billy fan. He was umm ... old... and not great. And who brings a baby grand to a football game? In the rain?

Prince looked great, but sounded just ehhhh.

The strippers were entertaining.

Did Anyone Else Notice?

Was that Scott Graham doing a voiceover in the Motorola "Making of a Champion" ad?

Hope you enjoyed the game!


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1 comment:

Matt P said...

all this news about the blogosphere's response to the snickers commercial and ya didn't even mention it. yeah i didn't think it was this a big deal either.

prince was awesome, and i did like the jim gaffigan/michael ian black spots. very subjective type of humor though.