Tuesday, February 06, 2007

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Astronaut Madness

Doesn't NASA have background checks? Let me get this straight. A US Navy Captain, Lisa Marie Nowak, who is married and the mother of three, drove 900 miles in a diaper with a BB gun to accost a woman, (Colleen Shipman) who wasn't even the girlfriend of a man, (Bill Oefelein) who wasn't her husband. AND she's an astronaut.

No wonder the Hubble Space Telescope doesn't work.

Reid Son Indicted

This is just a sad, sad thing. No, not the fighting Irish beard. The fact that these guys are so messed up that they think driving around high on heroin and waving guns at people is acceptable behavior.

Should He Stay or Should He Go?

If a gas station attendant's sons get arrested on drug charges, do we immediately begin discussing whether he should step down from his position to take better care of his family? NO! SO why in the world are people talking about Andy Reid needing to step aside for his family? DO we know that he's a bad dad? Do we know he's an absent father? NO. We are assuming based on the situation. Maybe he's a great dad who is there all the time for these guys and they are bad seed.

I say we should leave the guy alone and stop giving him parenting advice.


Will someone please put the Andres on the injured list?

A Lucky Man

Charles Barkely claims he won over $700,000 betting on the Superbowl in a LasVegas casino. Sir Charles is living the life, ain't he?

Have a good one!


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Mom said...

Barkley also admitted to previous losses in the millions.