Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend Photos

Snow!!!!!!! As I sit here watching the race, drinking the last Clipper City Brewing Winter Storm Category 5 Ale (thanks Matt) and watching the snow fall, I have to say this has been a pretty good weekend. Photos and a few thoughts ... Friday Drinks at Copa Too to celebrate a good audit were lots of fun! Saturday Yesterday, I drove out to Tabernacle to support John as he participated in the American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart at the middle school across from John's elementary school. It was a bit chaotic, but the kids enjoyed all of the jumping, the Tabernacle Tiger and the pumping music by Mr. Cancelleri. More photos are up on my site in this folder. John had a great time, but has about as much coordination as his father. I ran into John's baseball coach from last year, Bill Fisher, who told me that John was the best player on the team last year. There were some other great young people on that team too, but it was still good to hear. Sunday After a night of TV, my girlfriend and I headed into Center City today for breakfast at Reading Terminal Market. I had been to the market the other day with a co-worker, and it was packed. On a Sunday however, there were few people and fewer open stores. I took a bunch of photos, and posted them here, but I need to go back where there are more people around. Tonight we're going to watch the Oscars and I plan to cook out in the snow. Maybe we will get lucky and tomorrow will be a snow day. Monday Weather permitting, I will be a guest on Hoopsville, talking about the Division III Men's Basketball Championship tournament. With all of the upheaval yesterday in the D3Hoops world, it should be an interesting show! Join us here. Here's to the Snow!!!!! C


Steven said...

Celebrate a good audit?

WHA!?!? ;)


Unknown said...

ok - an audit with no real bad findings!