Monday, March 26, 2007

Anna Nicole Still Dead

Apparently it's news that Anna Nicole Smith died of a drug overdose. I am not surprised a bit. What surprises me is that there were no illegal drugs, either in her system or in her hotel room. Guess the maid got there first. The number one search on the internet today is "Anna Nicole Smith Photos." Some things never change. Here's my question. Will the next generation's Elton John produce a song about this Playboy starlet. Is she the Turn of the 21st Century's Marilyn? I gotta think not. You never saw her on the arm of the President (not even that horndog Bill Clinton) and she was never cool enough to run with the Rat Pack, not even George Clooney's version. Still the world seems a little less glittery and a tiny bit less fun, doesn't it? Bracketology In in the 73rd percentile in the nation, three of my Final Four are alive, and my national champion handed UNC its ass in OT last night. Still I only win my pools if Georgetown wins it all. Go Hoyas! Puts It All In Perspective Jason Ray, UNC Senior and hoops mascot remains on life support. I know how much kids like Jason put into their support of teams. I wish his family well. Have a good one. C
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