Friday, March 09, 2007

Antonella Barba - Gone - Same as the Cats

Antonella Barba

Well the run had to end somewhere for trashy-hot Jersey Girl Antonella Barba. America voted, and she got sent home last night. I can't figure out the obsession this country seems to have with American Idol, but its getting killer ratings, and even the people who lose get recording contracts, so i guess they are doing something right over at Fox.

The Cats

Not doing anything right yesterday in the first half was anyone in a Villanova uniform. At the Garden, the Cats managed just 7 points in the first 15 minutes. While they rallied to make it clsoe, Jay Wright's boys are now sent home to wait and wonder. One friend of mine at NBC Sports says that Villanova is back on the bubble with a lackluster win over DePaul, an ugly loss to Georgetown and Nardi not looking so hot.

I still say they are in. So does Chamomiles Davis. The question in my mind at this point is seeding. I think that yesterday's loss drops them a bunch, perhaps into a dreaded 8-9 matchup.

On the Town

I Took Patti and Jim to the big V last night after work for a few drinks. As I have noted before, whenever I take people there they love the place. Last night was no different. Lorenzio kept Patti guessing with his concoctions and the pours of Jack were generous. As usual it was a varied crowd, some gay, some straight, some dressed in clothes their mom did not buy for them.

Chef John was on Fox29's morning show this week, and the place got a great writeup at this week. It's a good thing George is knocking a hole in the wall and expanding. It's tough to get a seat some nights!.

Cabrini Hoops

The whispers in the Philly hoops curcles are that Speedy Morris, former LaSalle Explorers coach and current St. joe's Prep Head Hawk, wants to fill John Dzik's shoes at Cabrini. After Matt Maccoccia nearly destroyed the program in just two years, something needs to be done. Morris can coach, that's for sure, and he has always brought talent in, but Division III is a whole seperate animal. Can he do it without scholarships and in an environment that is darn near hostile to athletic success? Stay tuned.

The Weekend

Headed to a cocktail party and The Flower Show tonight. Maybe a few margaritas at The Mexican Post afterwards. Audtition Day at UArts toimorrow. (No I can't get your kid into Musical Theatre). Saturday afternoon I head to DC for a higher education software conference until Wednesday. Sounds exciting huh? I'll try to shoot some photos while I am down there.

Have fun!


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