Monday, March 05, 2007

Antonella Barba Nude, Lunchtime Monday Update and Photos

We had a great weekend! The kids were a blast and they had a lot of fun with Andrew, Ellie, Grandma and Pop's visit on Saturday. A few photos are up on my Flickr site. They're nothing special, but I've already gotten requests.

Sunday Afternoon Baseball

While Emma drowsed and hugged her Bun, John and I tuned in Comcast SportsNet for the first of the televised Phillies Spring Training Games. The pre-game did not start well, when newbie broadcaster Gary "Sarge" Matthews mis-pronounced Chris Coste's name. Way to get to know the club there, Sarge.

John and I had a good time watching Cole Hamels pitch well thought three only to have the bullpen get bombed by a B-team of Yankees. John was happy!

Antonella Barba

Ok - I have not seen her sing. But I have seen more of her than just about any other person on earth. Apparently the photos of her umm uhh 'pleasuring' a guy were apparently FAKE. This site has all the ones that are real apparently.

Sports Update

Donte Stallworth apparently has a substance abuse problem. No wonder no one wants to sign him.

The Flyers still suck.

The 76ers don't suck as much as the Flyers. In fact they may not suck enough to get a decent draft pick. Can you say playoffs? My brother and I argued a bit this morning about whether they would have improved this much with AI around. I say yes, that he would have helped Andre Iguodala along. He thinks I may be a moron.

Have a good one!


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Matt P said...

the Creepy Combination Award goes to... YOU! for the title concerning Antonella Barba nude, and then a picture of my mom, nieces, and nephews.

AIg's production after the trade says everything to me about whether Iverson would have helped him or not. Perfect support for the "Ewing Theory"

Christina_the_wench said...

Geez, those kids are adorable! You're very blessed. =)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm so embarrassed. I have no idea who Antonella Barba is, even after clicking the link. I gather she's a singer? Well, here's to another great day as someone who is hopelessly out of all existing loops.

Your children are truly adorable.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

King Wolfie said...

I love the Antonella Barba pics, you made my miserable Monday exceed expectations!
-King Wolfie