Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cats Run Done

It was pretty clear to me early on last night that the Nova Cats were not going to move on in the NCAA tournament. Sorry Mr. Davis. By halftime, I was ready to move upstairs to watch the game from bed. While the score was not yet indicative of what would be the final result, I have seen enough basketball to know that size and speed are usually deadly. Size, speed and experience are ALWAYS deadly when you are a rag-tag group of freshmen and sophomores being by a gimpy senior. The win by Tubby's Team may still not be enough to save his job. This was a fun year to follow this team. They lost a ton off of last year's #1 seeded team and yet managed to post more than 20 wins, slip into the NCAA tournament and topple a few giants along the way. Hopefully Jay Wright was on the phone to his recruits last night after the game, or at least today, talking to a few guys over 6'5". The y0ung guards on this squad could do a lot of damage if they had some big guys to help balance the attack. Similarly, Villanova could play a bit more zone against teams to switch things up if they had some tree-toppers in the middle. Bracketology I went 25-7 in the first round. Not too bad. That puts me tied with my brother for last in his office pool and in the 75% world-wide in the Yahoo pick 'ems. I would have done a bit better if I had put my money where my mouth was. I had been telling people all week that Winthrop was going to beat Notre Dame. And they did. I just didn't pick the game that way! I've only got one loss that projects into the second round, so I am ok so far. A lot better than some folks. The Kids We are all here in the snow today. Made a long trip from Joe Sestak's Higher Ed Summit in West Chester to pick them up yesterday afternoon and get back here safely. We were all pretty exhausted, hence the lack of an update yesterday. Emma is playing kitchen and John is playing football. How much more typical can you get? Have a good one! C


hchybinski said...

Hey there - gald you made if safely out of PA - it was a mess - wasn't it??

i have to say - I only missed 5 games in round one.
: )

Talk to you soon - happy st pat's!


Anonymous said...


My Midwest Region got DESTROYED. The only picks I had right were the top four seeds. Overall I was 23-9 in the first round, 11-5 in round 2.

Amazingly, my Elite Eight remains intact, so I've got that going for me, which is me. Otherwise, it would have been a rough weekend for "Barry Jive & The Uptown Five."

I had a bad feeling about the Villanova game going into Friday night, but I thought maybe they'd find a way to overcome their big-man deficiency.

Back to square one...