Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Heading Out

On Travel It's always nice to be away for a bit but also always nice to come home. I don't travel enough that it's a chore, but there is something tedious about noisy hotels and room service. Being away does make me appreciative. Not only of the places I get to visit, but also of my little home, the joyful noise of little people and also someone soft to hold against me at night. Photos Yesterday I got a chance to wander around the Mall a bit. I was 'challenged' by a federal officer when I took pictures of the Federal Reserve Building. Apparently I fit their terrorist profile. Many photos up at my Flickr site. More coming, especially of the ubiquitous surveillance cameras in DC, later this week in a special report on privacy. March Madness My Final Four:
  • Florida
  • Pittsburgh
  • Georgetown
  • Ohio State
Georgetown beats Pittsburgh to crown the second generation of John Thompson champions. Villanova beats Kentucky, but gets smoked by Kansas. As always, Enrico has found Another Angle. Lots of happy thoughts for my new friends from Niagara University. I met you all in the bar last night and I feel good for you. Enjoy it, because the Jayhawks loom. See ya in Jersey.

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