Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm Speechless - Blogger Gets Death Threats

And that does not happen very much. For some time I have been writing about how blogging finally puts the means of publication into the hands of the producers. No longer do writers need someone to sanction their thoughts and back them to be published. And about 99.44% of the time, this is a VERY GOOD THING. But somebody always has to mess shit up. This morning, in my normal troll through the randomness of life on the Interwebthingy, I found this horribly disturbing blog. It details a series of threats of violence and sex against Kathy Sierra, a well-known blogger, that caused her to have to cancel a speaking engagement and get the police involved. Her blog is usually very good and in no way is there anything in it that might have triggered such a horrible response. It's good that the police are involved and that the blog community has rallied around Sierra. The people who did this are sick, twisted scum who should be be prosecuted. It's never acceptable to use the freedom of the press in such a way that you threaten the physical well-being of another. Such behavior IS ILLEGAL, chills interaction, threatens potential regulation and should be dealt with severely.
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