Sunday, March 18, 2007

March Snowball Fights and Much More

On Friday, we had a messy late winter snow storm that covered the Delaware Valley in 3-6 inches of wet snow and sleet. It was a pretty, but a bear to drive in. I like snow and I seem to live in a spot that gets more than the surrounding area. John loves that we get more snow here than at Mommy's house. However, as you can tell from the photo to the right, John is ready for spring. Yesterday, he and Eli and Eli's sisters had a great snowball fight in the back yard. A few photos are up at my Flickr site. I remember all of the great snowball fights I had as a kid back in Brookhaven with Greg and Matt and the girls. Mr. Feld was always around to help construct complicated snow forts and walls and participate in the fights. Billy Wagner - Moron In Jim Salisbury's column today, he reveals again, for anyone who has missed it before, that Billy Wagner is a moron. You may remember that Wagner played here for a few years, before moving on to New York because he could not handle ... the fans. he claims that the fans will be the Phils' downfall this year. Brett Myers puts some sanity into the article by noting:
"That's why Billy couldn't make it here. He could have been a superstar in Philly. The fans loved him because he threw 100. But he chose to focus on the negative part instead of the positive: The fans are the way they are because they care."
And that's why Brett Myers will make it here. Despite being a wife beater, Myers gets it. he understand who pays his salary and who the people are who care enough about a sport to enable him to throw a baseball for a living. Bracketology I am 8-2 in the second round games so far as March Madness rolls on. That puts me in the 98th percentile of all online pools and behind only Goot in each of the two online pools I am in. Who knows how I am doing against the folks at UArts.


Anonymous said...

wagner is such an asshat.

glad to see you got some good use out of the lousy weather. i think next March Madness should be marked with John's first NCAA pool.

Unknown said...

asshat is a new term for me this year. never heard it before say January or so. Still not sure when it is appropraute to use.

as the photo shows, basketball season is over for John. he has moved on to baseball. not sure i can get him interested in a bracket yet. yet another failure in my rasing of him.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong to start calling him Billy Fagner? What I don't want to do is insult the gay community, but rather apply the term in the perjorative sense of its alternate meaning (namely a sissy, or someone who can't stop complaining about fans they couldn't handle).

As for the weather... man, did that last storm suck. In Conshy I spent three straight days chipping at two inches of hardened snow and one inch of ice all the way up our driveway. Suddenly I find myself actively rooting for global warming.

Unknown said...

Mr. Davis -

I am just homing that spring, which is currently 8 hours away will bring with it spring like weather.

As for Mr. Wagner, I'm just going to ignore him. If he keeps opening his mouth, he will fade into obscurity, just like the last big name Mets closer, Mr. Rocker.

Anonymous said...

John "Speak English" Rocker played most of his career with the Braves... but i don't think he was ever a Met. His connection with the New York was that he voiced his hatred of the non-uniformity of its cultural make-up.

Unknown said...

Good catch there bro. I was a tiny bit flummoxed, but I think my point was that Rocker and Wagner have a few thinsg in common.

Anonymous said...


This is true: One raises alpacas, the other dates them.