Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Philly.Com Picks up the Propp Story and More Antonella Barba

I thought it was interesting that the Inquirer got around to doing a story about Brian Propp running for New Jersey State Assembly. Loyal readers to this space will note that the Inqy guys are a bit late since the story, since even I had it on Sunday.

US Airways

So US Airways buys America West and somehow, after two years of planning, they are unable to link up their computer systems. This leads to three days where the airport kiosks are unusable to check in passengers. Is it any wonder that this company is in bankruptcy? Yesterday they managed to get 14% of their flights out on time.

Antonella Barba (Not Nude)

Thanks to all of the regular readers who put up with my tomfoolery yesterday. I decided to see what would happen when I posted a headline about Antonella Barba's nude photos with a story about my family below it. That little stunt netted me about 1200 hits in an hour before Technorati dropped the link.

I wonder how many people understood that I was tweaking folks who scan the internet for porn. Not many I think.

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