Thursday, March 22, 2007


This Guy Needs To Get His in Order

John Edwards just announced that he will continue his presidential bid despite the fact that his wife Elizabeth's cancer has returned. Ok. You are running for president and you find out your wife has cancer that is likely incurable. Only a COMPLETE ASSHOLE keeps running for president at that point.

I've never been a fan of Edwards. I think he's style over substance at a time when America needs leadership with credibility. This decision now makes me wonder if he would be capable of handling the complex decisions of the presidency.

I know he's saying his wife is forcing him to stay in the race, but he can say no. He can say thanks for your support dear, but my most important job is here with you now.

My other issue here is that he told us that his wife being cancer-free was a major factor in his getting into the race. Now suddenly it doesn't matter. I see a credibility gap.

At any rate, I sure hope that her treatment is successful and this is all a minor setback for her.

Phoenix Has It

Priority that is. Over Philly. The Daily News has a rather confusing story today that basically boils down to this: more people live in Phoenix than live in Philadelphia. We dropped from 5th largest city in the US to 6th. Probably sometime last year.

Bummer. At least we still have grass.

Umm Yeah No-Brainer Here

Ok. I'll admit I have done it. But texting should not be your priority when driving. Our friends in Trenton are ready to help us by banning texting while driving. You already can't use a cell phone when driving in NJ. Yeah right. Thanks to Assemblymen Paul Moriarty, D-Gloucester, and David Mayer, D-Gloucester, we now have another thing that we wont be allow to do. Sure. Uh-huh.

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