Monday, March 19, 2007

Snow, Stephen and Bo

I have to consider the possibility that Philadelphia is being paid to store snow for other communities. There is snow EVERYWHERE. I thought the white stuff was fun and all this weekend, but coming into the city today made me think twice. I mean what are my wage taxes paying for if not snow removal in Center Friggin' City. It's not like this is Outer Manyunk or Mayfair. This is the Gayborhood! And property owners, if I managed to get off my butt and shovel my walk, you can at least pay someone to shovel yours. I damn near fell on my ass at 13th and Spruce because some slumlord hasn't even considered the potential liability of his uncleared sidewalks (left).

Eventually It Had To Happen

I agree with Stephen A. Smith. Finally. He has finally written a column where he doesn't talk out of both sides of his mouth. He rips the fans. He rips Mr. Snider. He snubs the players. Last night, after the 76ers lost by 50 at home, Mr. Smith Went To The Visitor Locker Room. Skipped the home guys. No matter. They weren't talking much after posting the worst home loss in franchise history.

The Rockets were though:

"We were up by 40, dunking the basketball," Rockets point guard Rafer Alston said after the game.

The Sixers "didn't give any hard fouls," surprised Rockets guard Kirk Snyder added. "They didn't get called for any technicals."

It's sad that these guys have no heart and now they have no Kevin Durant or Greg Oden.

Bo Ryan Doesn't Get It

The Pride of Aston or Chester or Brookhaven or where ever he says he's from, Bo Ryan, just doesn't get it. In one of the great stories of this NCAA Tournament, his Wisconsin badgers were BOMBED by UNLV's Kevin Kruger, son of head coach Lon Kruger. In this article, Ryan complains that Kruger should not have been able to play in the game because of his circuitous road to eligibility at UNLV.

How can you fault a kid who wants to play for his dad?

Hey Bo, I love ya man. I loved what you did for D3 at Platteville. I love the defensive intensity. But when you get your ass handed to you in The Show, be gracious.



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John said...

You should have shown your appreciation for the not-so-shoveled-walkways by heaving 2-pound snowballs at resident doorways...

*yelling* FIRE IN THE HOLE!!

Cavalier92 said...

I was too busy walking with both arms outstretched to keep from falling on my ass in leather-soled shoes. I am guessing you are Wolfie under an alternate identity. Tricky!

King Wolfie said...

CAVVVVV--This was my message, I was in my old old old display name...sorry dude...