Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

Internal Clock It's amazing. As soon as the calendar said that spring was actually here, I started to get the itch to head out into the yard and do some work. What causes that? I want to get the spreader out and put down the Scott's Turfbuilder plus Halts or whatever, gather up the fallen branches, trim up the bushes and plant some flowers. Yeah I'm a guy and all, but I do love to get out and mess around in the yard and I would love to know why last week I had zero desire to do anything and now I am suddenly ready. I was out there briefly, and while the spring sunshine LOOKS warm, the wind cuts pretty hard just to remind me it's still March. Maybe next week. Timeline Finally Set On Iraq The House Democrats pushed through a measure (HR 1591) this week to set an end date on the war in Iraq. While it's unlikely this measure will become law since President Shrub says he will veto it, I think it begins to show that things are starting to change in DC. The final vote was 218-212-1. My initial question was who the hell elected a guy who votes PRESENT on a WAR??? Then I read this. Mr. Stark, you have immense courage and I stand humbly corrected.

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