Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday Update

New and Old

I found it ironic, or at least coincidental that on the day that Children's Hospital took down Pennsylvania Hall, the last part of the old Philadelphia Convention Center, the Flower Show opened at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Inga Saffron, is of course terrified that the Pennsylvania Convention center will be "the the creature that eats Center City." I agree with her that the Broad Street facade of the expansion needs a TON of work. But the city needs this building.

Burlington County GOP Continues Changes

In its continuing effort to re-establish credibility with the voters, the Burlington County Republican Committee turned its back on two long time incumbents and will instead run a former Flyer, Brian Propp, for Assembly in my district. Propp has no political experience and now works as a broadcaster for the team and WIP.

Its no real surprise. After Vince Farias was stunned in his bid to add the County Surrogate job to his list of public jobs and Martha Bark saw the writing on the wall about her political future and pulled out of the race, the Gang in Red was looking to avoid losing a Freeholder seat this fall.

Gone from the fall ballot are incumbents from 8th District state Assemblymen Fran Bodine and Larry Chatzidakis. Bodine is about 90 I think. Also interesting is that Phil Haines beat out cranberry magnate Bill Haines for the GOP nod for Bark's senate seat. Probably they were afraid they could not hold onto Bill Haines' Freeholder seat without him.

Cats Win! Cats Win! Cats Win!

Ok. I agree with Chamomiles Davis. They're in. With the up and down victory over the 'Cuse yesterday, the Villanova Wildcats sealed their invitation to the Big Dance yesterday.

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Chamomiles Davis said...


The win over Syracuse was huge. A victory or two in the B.E. Tournament might raise them higher than their current 8 or 9 seed.

Whatever the outcome, I think this year might have been Jay Wright's best coaching effort since his arrival back in 2001.