Monday, March 12, 2007

Travel Report

So DC is not bad, but it’s not a ton of fun when you are by yourself. Yesterday, I wandered downtown in the afternoon. The DC St. Patrick’s Day Parade was a lot of fun. I walked the parade route along Massachusetts Avenue and 7th Street. There was a lot to see and take pictures of.

After that, I wandered over to the area around Union Station. I took some pictures at The Dubliner, but they were not really interested in serving a tourist with a camera. The place next door was also an Irish bar, but filled with DC Firefighters post-parade. I had one Guinness. Then I headed over to Cap City Brewing. I had a good cheesesteak and a great Kolsch there. They were out of the dunkleweizen, but the Wee Dram was a very good substitute. Kate was a good bartender and fun conversation.

I ate dinner and caught up with a few former colleagues. This morning I discovered that the sun shines straight through the curtains at the Juries. This was good, since it came up at 7:25 and I had forgotten to set the alarm.


Every time I am in DC, I am amazed at the Metro. While the 1970s mass concrete architecture seems a bit dated in the 21st century, the system is still about the best I have used.

The burnt orange and yellows of the original cars are being gradually replaced, but one thing has not changed. The trains are never late. The stations are clean, if eerily lit. And even when it’s crowded, the system is still roomy enough that you aren’t pressed into other people.


Jay Wright must be pissed. His team was a top 30 RPI squad that beat Georgetown. He’s not as pissed as Bruiser Flint should be. His Drexel Dragons beat damn near everybody, and still will be playing in the NIT because they aren’t from a power conference.

Tournament Expansion

For the last few months, every time I get a chance, I tell people that the NCAA tournament is too small. I have told Jody Mac, I have posted it on blogs, I have talked to my buddies about it. There is already a play-in game. There should be 4. It’s pretty simple. The 8 worst teams in the tournament should play each other Tuesday night to earn the right to have their ass handed to them by Ohio State, Florida, UNC or Kansas.

Phil Sheridan agrees with me. He thinks we should add 7 teams though.

I think that 3 teams is enough. That won’t water down the talent too much, and it will also give teams who normally would get blown out and go home a chance to actually win a game in The Show before getting blow out and going home.

Have a great day! C

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