Saturday, March 03, 2007

Photography, Kids and CHEESESTEAKS!

I took the photo above last night while the kids and I were headed home to Moorestown. It's looking northeast along 563 south of Chatsworth in the New Jersey Pinelands. I've shot that area before (lived there for a while) and it's a very nice spot for sunsets especially. I paused for this photo largely because of the moon. You'll notice a shadowy self-portrait head lower left. I plan to try to take some shots of the eclipse tonight. Should be a challenge. Kids The kids are here this weekend. It's a very cool thing to have them for long stretches of time. I am amazed at how much they change when they are away for a few days. Emma is becoming so much more independent and talkative. It's hard to believe that I was once worried that she was behind the curve for verbal ability. John is still as energetic as ever, and has already asked 3 times this morning if he can play baseball outside yet. We'll be hosting my parents and my sister's kids for dinner tonight. That should be a lot of fun. Important Voter information - Cheesesteak Choices! Did anyone catch this item in the DN yesterday. Seems the tiny tabloid has nothing better to do that fall all over itself making sure we know the next mayor's cheesesteak choices. Hmm. Doesn't mention Milton Street. For the record, if I'm in Philly, I prefer Jim's for cheesteaks and Tony Luke's for roasted pork with provolone and broccoli rabe. If I'm in Delco, it's LaSpada's Original in Parkside (another side of the family has good hoagies in South Florida). Of course the family has its own successful Philly steak and hoagie places in the Denver, CO area. if you're out there, check out Pat's Philly Steaks and Subs. My Uncle Bill and Cousin Pat have won numerous awards for their Philly-style sandwiches in Colorado. I can't say I have made the trip yet, but as soon as Denver thaws out, I will be on a plane. On a side note, we had pretty good cheesesteaks from Passariello's last night. Not Delco, Philly or Denver quality, but as good as it gets in Burlington County. Have a GREAT weekend! C

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