Monday, April 30, 2007

Legal Silliness

I don't generally bash lawyers unless I have a really good reason to, but then nearly every day I see a news story that give me a reason.

From today's stupid lawyer tricks file comes this story.  Apparently Scotts Miracle-Gro Co., a $7 billion goliath in the gardening industry is so threatened by Trenton, NJ-based TerraCycle Inc., that it has sued the tiny worm poop purveyor from NJ.

Apparently Scotts Miracle-Gro feels it owns the right to use the colors yellw and green on gardening advertising.  At least that's what they say in their lawsuit.

I've attached images of the products below, courtesy of the website  It appears that website is related to the TerraCycle folks in some way.  But you have eyes.  You can see that there's a pretty substaMccomparison780413ntial difference between the products.  Am I wrong here?

I think the real issue here is that the Miracle-Gro people aren't satified with 59% market share and are willing ot use their lawyers and the legal system to bully a small environmental fertilizer startup. 

I use Miracle-Gro and Scotts products a good bit.  I'd never heard of the worm poop guys before today, but I can tell you my next lawn fertilizer application will be with the little company that could's product.  The big guys should be ashamed of themselves.

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