Sunday, April 29, 2007

Michael Nutter for Mayor

Philly_005A few months back, after meeting Michael Nutter at a social event, my girlfriend asked me what I thought of him.  I told her that I thought he was great and would make a near-perfect mayor, but that he couldn't win.  Today I am forced to consider the possibility that I was wrong. 

Not in that Nutter is great.  He is.  But in thinking he couldn't win, i was apparently selling him short.  And seriously overestimating Chaka Fattah.

Today Nutter is surging in the polls, in a statistical dead heat with the free-falling Tom Knox.  He picked up two endorsements today, including the only one that counts, The Inquirer.  He's looking like the horse to bet on.  Yeah, Knox could still spend his way into office and Brady still has the ward leaders which could help him slime his way to victory, but for once it seems like smart and hard-working might just be enough to make a Philadelphia mayor. 

It's not like anyone can be worse than the current clown.

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