Saturday, April 21, 2007

Morning Mini Post

Img_5006In case you have not checked In lately, I have lots of new photos up on my Flickr page.  Some, like the shot to the right are from John's recent T-ball games and practices.  He's having a great time and enjoys the game as well as his teammates.

Others are from the recent flooding that hit the Philadelphia region and specifically Burlington County very hard.  I drove through Lumberton and Mount Laurel on Monday and took some pictures of the devastation.

I also have a new set up of The Gardens section of Mount Holly.  Built as a public housing project of one and two story attached homes, the area was plagued by the ravages of drugs and crime over the last few decades.  The area has been controversially designated for redevelopment and is largely abandoned.  A few families are holding out, either because they have nowhere to go or because they simply refuse to give in and leave.

Continuing my urban decay theme, there are many pictures from a series I am doing on Camden and the wonderful buildings I found a long the Broadway corridor which are a window into a gloried past that is so far from Camden's current reality.

Finally, there are many new shots of the family up as well, including some of my little angel Emma (right).Img_5024

Today is supposed to be the best weather of the year and I am planning to head outside and do some yardwork and see what 78 degrees and sunny will feel like after weeks of a chilly, nasty spring.

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