Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Walking to Work

Img_5503Just about every day on the walk to work I run into something at screams out to me to take a picture.

I love working in the city.  Nearly every day on the way to work I see something that screams to have a picture taken.  I took a few shots today that indicate to me how much of a crossroads this city is at right now.

We have old and new construction, high prices and low prices, new residents and the homeless all in very close proximity.  In addition, there are the pressures of business and commerce on the infrastructure,  crime problems in the neighborhoods and the never ending problems with the school system.

Yet it's one of the most vibrant and interesting places I have ever been.  I am very lucky to be able to come to work here every day.

In breaking news, Lynn Abraham has just figured out that John Street is a terrible mayor.


Chamomiles Davis said...

Heyyyyy, nice new look around here! Did you paint or something?

Chris said...

Painted, new set of curtains, swept the floor ... pace is rounding into shape. Thanks for stopping by!