Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Club That Seats 43,647

446132219_90990597e4_m The folks down at Citizens Bank Park have been getting a bit of criticism lately for the the rowdy fans that fill the place, especially for Dollar Dog and College Nights.  There have certainly been some ugly incidents down in South Philly this spring, including hot dog throwing, fights, and general insanity.  I was in the house for the most recent Hatfield Dollar Dog Night, as well as a few other incident-filled evenings this season.  It's not like fights and rowdiness are unusual at Philly sporting events.

We're the guys who threw snowballs at Santa, remember?

But something is different at CBP.

I've had this thought a few other times, but what has happened in the last few years is that CBP has become a key place to go for the young fun crowd. Monday night, there were SCORES of young ladies who were out at the park as their evening recreation instead of going to a bar. That NEVER happened at the Vet.  Of course when the ladies are there, the boys are that much more uhhh ... testosterone-filled.

With cheap prices for the worst seats, good beer and food and a fun team, CPB has become a social destination. 

Basically you end up with a 40,000 seat nightclub. Stuff's gonna happen. The key here is that the CBP folks need to make sure that they have a fun place for the younger crowd, while ensuring that older folks and those of us who go with our kids are also able to enjoy the environment.  More stringent carding by the vendors?  Yes.  Stepped up security presence in the 300 level?  Check.  Family sections with no alcohol?  Probably a plan.

Whatever the solutions, the Phils have to act now or they risk having the crowds start to stay home if the ugliness escalates.

Hat tip to my brother Matt for the post over at TheLevel that got this post started for me.

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enrico said...

I'm in complete agreement. The social aspect of a Phils game is what brings many people down to 20+ games a year. The fact that they're banning tailgating is also going to thin out crowds down there.