Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Corzine Speeds Away From Hospital

I am not sure if Jon Corzine doesn't get it or if the New Jersey State Police doesn't get it.  459300620_ca30aa4f23

Yesterday, just moments after New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine noted that he had set a 'very bad example' his motorcade sped up I-295 to Drumthwacket at about 15 miles per hour above the speed limit.  Granted, it wasn't the 91 miles an hour that Corzine's motorcade was doing when his Suburban practically flew off the road, breaking darn near every bone in his body, but jeez guys, this looks REALLY bad.

Just minutes after Corzine says this:

“I set a very bad example, I hope the state will forgive me. I will work very hard to set the right kind of example.”

The assorted vehicles (including his new transportation mode, a handicapped-equipped van) took off at speeds the rest of us would be ticketed at.  And it's not like he's got a big meeting scheduled.  Was he going to be late for his afternoon nap?  I get the fact that speeding happens.  I do it every day.  But come on! 

No word if the driver was text messaging his girlfriend's husband while driving the guv's van.

Thanks to Flickr member Iirraa for the image!

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