Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Fantastic Four

Our regular Friday feature returns today after a breif hiatus. 

Today's Friday Fantastic Four question is:

What were your four favorite things about school?

  1. Recess

  2. Creative writing time

  3. Angel MacIntosh

  4. Sports Activities

Honorable mentions:

  • Drinking Tanqueray and tonics with Dee out of squeezy bottles in journalism class.

  • Cutting at least one class every day of senior year in high school

If you've got some favorite memories, post them !  Have a great weekend!!!


Matt P said...

(grade school)
1. Soft pretzels
2. Field Day (Blue Team forever)
3. When out of nowhere, St. John's started hiring good-looking female teachers just out of college.
4. Art class. I sucked, but it was fun.
Bonus: Drawing on the pictures in the religion books and providing captions. The result was something of a Jesus & Friends cartoon. Big J taught lots of lessons, but I'd like to think he learned a few too.

Chris said...

Those pretzels were pretty good. fifteen cents, brought to your classroom in a brown paper shopping bag each day by one of sister margaret's pretzel mafia.
St. John's had hotties back in the day too ... You must have missed out on Miss Falcone and her substantial assets. Plus she used to like to rub your earlobe during spelling tests. A TINY bit distracting.
Never caught your cartooning phase