Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

R51478001 While I am still struggling with my eyes, I could not let Mother's Day go by without a post. 

We all know how important Moms are.  They are the spirit of th family, the emotional anchor of the home and probably the most-called in the Fave Fives across the nation.

Mother's Day is bigger than ever it seems.  Aside from the gas station flower stands all over the northeast, there are a million online florists reminding us every day that May 13th is  Mother's Day.  Even the airlines are in on the act, with Mother's Day sales on flights

My kids will be with their mom today and that is appropriate.  As hard as it is for me to be apart from them, they should be with their mother today. 

Major League Baseball will observe Mother's Day and breast cancer awareness today with dozens of players swinging pink bats.  NASCAR will actually race on Mother's Day, breaking a long-standing tradition

In addition to my great mom, I'd especially like to thank all of the moms who are serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the military today.  My son John has a classmate whose mom is in Iraq and I am both prod of her service and very sad for the sacrifice she has to make for this terrible war.  Lots of moms spent the weekend protesting.  I thank them.

Thanks Mom!  You didn't protest, but you did so much.  The kids and I love you!!

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