Saturday, May 19, 2007

Taking a Rest

Img_6551 Well, after about 4 hours of sight seeing and a really bad lunch, we're back in the room resting up a bit before we head back out to see what Niagara Falls is like by night.  It's an interesting place during the day and I am sure that the night will be fun as well.

The beauty and power of the two falls is simply awe-inspiring.  The air is filled with mist, the sun creates rainbows everywhere and the rumble becomes part o you.

There are people here from all over the world, and the babble of languages seems to be sucked right over the side with the falling water.

There is an amazing array of attractions, bars, casinos and restaurants just steps from the Falls.  It's a mini-Vegas with a natural wonder right out the window.

Plenty of amazing photos up at my Flicker site.  Enjoy!!

I'll have more for you soon!

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