Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another School Year Ends

  Dress-Up Relay Race 
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It's hard to believe that John's last full day of first grade is today and that Emma finishes up her school year today as well.

John's had his ups and downs this year, but it's mostly been a very good first grade experience for him.  He is in reading enrichment and doing very well in math, but struggles with 'chattiness' and his 'social nature,' especially with the ladies.

Hmmm.  Where's the problem?

Emma learned all of her letters and numbers this year and absolutely ADORES her teacher Miss Terri.  She will be very sad going back to Kindercare next year, but not being with her 'special friend.'  Emma also managed to learn how to use the potty and has been wonderfully behaved a ll year.

We've got a busy summer planned, with trips to Disney World, Maine, Rhode Island and Boston planned, along with our regular roster of back yard parties and gatherings.

We'll keep you posted with stories and photos all summer long.  Lots of new photos of Field Day and our other adventures are up at my Flickr site.


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