Monday, June 25, 2007

Back In The Swing of Things!

Img_9616 Sorry for the long absence, but we've been on the road! 

Some photos of Emma getting us back into the normal cadence of life are up at my Flickr site.  She had a good time yesterday, hitting the ball off the tee in the back yard.  John got into the act a bit, helping her refine her swing a bit.  It was hilarious to watch it!

We are back from our trip to the center of all that is Mouse.  Disney was HOT.  I mean weather-wise.  They made lots of jokes about deodorant testing.  It wasn't funny.

We'll have a full wrap up of the Disney trip and some photos up later in the week.  Today is a rest and recover day.

We're looking forward to John's birthday tomorrow, but it will be a low-key affair with just a few of use getting together on Wednesday to celebrate.

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